Insurance Options

  • Self Insured– If a dealer prefers to maintain the reserve proceeds we can make that happen. The dealership simply pays for all covered claims against the contract and retains any portion not used as profit. The dealership pays a small administration fee for the contract so a third party administrator can take all claims inquiries making it so the  dealership does not have to hire additional personnel.
  • Reinsured– Reinsurance is a great way for a dealer to invest in the future. We can set up a reinsurance position on nearly any product. We can help in creating the new company for reinsurance and help advise the dealer which products to place in the reinsurance position. Reinsurance is a great way for dealerships to create a higher return by investing in the products sold by their F&I departments. Please contact us for more details.
  • Retro Dealer Participation– Many of our strategic partners offer programs that offer rewards for larger volumes of products sold. There is no upfront cost to the dealership to participate in these programs. When a dealership sells enough of a particular product to qualify, it will receive a portion of the unused reserves for claims based on it loss ratio. This is a great alternative to reinsurance for dealers not wanting to make a larger investment. What makes a retro plan attractive to dealers is the fact that even some fully insured products still qualify for this type of program. Please ask for more details. Retro programs reward dealerships for excellent performance in sales and selling quality vehicles. These programs are available for autos, RVs, powersport vehicles, and marine vessels.
  • Fully Insured– All products offered by PCI are fully insured. This simply means that the administrator is the obligor. This is the most common insurance option for most dealerships. There is very low risk and the administrator is the sole obligor. Many dealerships prefer the safety of being fully insured as they have no exposure to paying claims.


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